A Puppy Play-date

A friend and co-worker of mine got a long-anticipated 12-week old Doberman puppy last week, and at the first opportunity, we got him together with Freyja for a little puppy play-date. Socialization is so important for young dogs, both for interactions with people and other dogs, and we definitely want our pups well socialized. First a few introductions:

Freyja, meet Spencer

Puppy introductions

Freyja dominating Spencer

Right now, Spencer weighs about 15 pounds to Freyja’s 30+, though we anticipate that by the time they are both full grown, they’ll be about even in terms of weight, somewhere in the vicinity of 70 lbs. But because she’s currently twice his size, Spencer was a little tentative of Freyja’s play solicitations.

Freyja and Spencer

Freyja chasing Spencer

Before long, they started getting the hang of playing pretty nicely with each other. We kept Freyja on her leash this time, just in case, though. She can be pretty enthusiastic, and we didn’t want her to bowl over Spencer or little Ruby, who is 3 years old. Ruby was a great help making sure the puppies had plenty of water and treats available, as well as pointing out whose toys belonged to whom. (Below she’s letting Freyja know that is Spencer’s ball.)

That’s Spencer’s ball!

Freyja and Spencer playing

Spencer chasing Freyja

I think a good time was had by all, and we’d definitely like to get the pups together for more play-dates in the future, especially as Spencer gets a little larger. It won’t take long…I hear he’s already up to 17 lbs.!






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