The Persnickety Palate

This is just a heads-up for those of you who are interested in cooking or food in general. I've been collecting recipes that we particularly like for some time, mostly…

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And we have lift-off!

They're still up and down, but we are starting to see Freyja's ears perking up together sometimes now. After seeing her all floppy for weeks, the upright ears almost make…

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Freyja, 13 Weeks

A few new pictures of our beautiful growing girl. Her right ear is really trying to stand up, but we haven't been able to capture it in photos yet. No…

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Freyja, 3 Months Old

Well, our little puppy is 12 weeks old now. She went to the vet yesterday for another vaccination, and weighs 24 lbs now, double what she weighed when we first…

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HD DVD vs. Blu Ray

Now that I own an HD DVD player, I've started reading more of the forums about the two formats. This page on Wikipedia gives a full overview of the differences…

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Voting with Dollars

Back before I became a starving student artist, I was something of a videophile. Julie and I have a large collection of DVDs and a full surround-sound set-up. Now that…

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