Puppy in the Rain

Oregon puppy

It rained harder yesterday than it has since before we brought Freyja home. The pup has gotten more used to the rain, puddles, and to a lesser extent, the cold at night, but she had never seen Jeremy using an umbrella before. It took quite a bit of coaxing to get her to approach him with the umbrella open, and she bravely posed for a picture or two before retreating back to the safety of the porch. She’s definitely entered her fear period, but is still acting more confident than we thought she might at this age.






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  1. Leah Sparks Avatar

    Ditto what Shaun said!! Very very cute Puppy!!!
    Enjoy!!! Love you!! Miss you!!! Mom

  2. Cousin Heather Avatar
    Cousin Heather

    That’s a great picture! Freyja’s gorgeous!

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