The Great Outdoors

Freyja running

Freyja is 8 weeks old now, so she’s in her fear period and is no longer a fan of going on walks. Our yard, however, is a great source of fun, in more ways than one.

Freyja resting

Sometimes we’re tempted to think we brought home a billygoat instead of a dog. The moment we take her outside to go potty, she starts eating moss, grass, twigs, leaves, and other yard debris, so we’re constantly pulling something out of her mouth. She’ll make gardeners of us yet. Below, she’s chewing on a piece of blackberry bramble, thorns and all, and doesn’t seem to mind a bit. Me? I got thorns imbedded in my fingers as soon as I tried to take it away from her.

Freyja eating a blackberry twig

Eventually, we’re hoping she’ll realize it’s more fun to play with us and her toys outside than it is to eat the yard. Right now, picking her up is about the only way to distract her. But we’ll keep at it (we won’t be able to pick her up much longer, after all!)

Julie and Freyja






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