Freyja wasn’t particularly interested in toys for the first day or two after we brought her home, but as soon as she found her confidence, it was all play all the time (until naptime, at least). So here are some pics of her playing with some of her toys.

Freyja with her bear

Freyja grabbing her Nylabone

Freyja chasing her ball

This mini-tennis ball is actually one we got for the ferrets. They were not particularly interested in it, but Freyja has loved it ever since she found it in the stash. It’s a bit small, so we’re watching her closely to make sure she doesn’t swallow it, but I think she’ll be safe to play with it for another week or two at least, and she is certainly making the most of it.

Freyja assaulting a towel

The towel is one we keep draped over the “ferret fort,” a carpet-covered cat tower that we got for the fuzzies to climb inside and dig at. They love having the towel there because it makes the interior more cave-like, and the dangling ends make for some fun play. Freyja can’t fit inside the fort, but she loves the towel.

The one toy we haven’t gotten a good shot of yet, oddly, is her favorite: a rope toy with fraying knotted ends and an attached pig’s ear. Puppy fun on so many levels. 🙂






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