Close Encounters of the Fuzzy Kind

We’ve been eager to find out how Freyja’s interactions with the ferrets would go. The fuzzies have met dogs before, so we anticipated a good response on their part, but we were unsure of how rough the puppy might want to play with them.

First Meeting

We started off introducing Freyja to Nikita, who is pretty easy-going and playful, and just let them sniff each other. That went pretty well, so the next day, we decided to let Niki out to run around for a bit.

Meeting at the waterhole

Freyja, as might be imagined, was fascinated. She followed Niki everywhere, approaching slowly at first, then playfully pouncing. Niki is so small and quick that she easily outpaced the puppy and ran from one hiding spot to the next, but didn’t seem too frightened or otherwise put off; and Freyja, for her part, was clearly just playing, using only her paws and not her mouth.

Action shot

Niki was especially interested in the puppy’s water bowl, and returned to it several times to take drinks. Before I got the camera out, the two of them actually drank at the same time, which seems a bit like a promise for peaceful cohabitation. Of course, right afterwards, they were off racing around the room again.







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  1. april Avatar

    very cute new addition to your family! my mutt is on the other end of the spectrum – almost 13 years old – but still full of energy, unless of course he’s napping on the couch!

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