Freyja Day 2

Well, it’s been an exciting few days, and Freyja’s doing great. We’ve gone on a dozen walks, played with toys, walked all around the front yard waiting for her to piddle, and cleaned up the carpet when we didn’t notice the tell-tale signs quick enough. Freyja really missed her littermates when we first brought her home, and whined constantly, but she seems to feel much more at home with us now, and little by little, the whine-levels are decreasing.

Noble Freyja

She’s smart as a whip, so we think she’ll be really easily trainable, as long as we are good about training ourselves to be consistent and act like pack leaders. She learned how to go up the porch stairs the first day, and we’ve been working on going down the stairs ever since. She’s gotten to the point where she can go down the stairs and tries to take a flying leap off the second to last one, which doesn’t work so well for a clumsy little pup.

Walking the dog

We’re also working on leash training. She is doing great with being on the leash—doesn’t seem to mind it at all. Walking without crisscrossing back and forth and getting underfoot is the main project right now, but it seems to help if one of us walks in front of her, because she is very eager to follow us around. We noticed that quality in her at the breeder’s house also. She’s a very people-oriented pup, so she wants to be right with us all the time, and she automatically stops and sits by our feet when we stop moving. She also seems to be especially attentive to Jeremy.

Sleeping dogs lay…

Freyja is also making great improvements in her sleep patterns. We’ve had her for two nights now, and are having her sleep on a dog bed next to us in the bedroom, tethered to the night stand so she can’t wander off. The first night she had about 4 whining fits, one of which was because she needed to go outside. We actually thought this was pretty impressive, as we had imagined it being much worse. Last night, however, she slept through the night from 11:30 to 5:15 almost without a peep, after which she woke us up to go out. That’s a pretty steep learning curve! 🙂






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  1. Dan Sparks Avatar
    Dan Sparks

    I love the german shepards since we had Chinook when I was a kid. Train them right and they are the best dogs in the world. I know you will work with him and make him the quality dog that he can be. He probably won’t even tell you when you need a hair cut. LOL ;>)

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