Portrait Painting

I haven’t been quite as active in the studio as I had hoped to be thus far this calendar year. That is not to say that I haven’t been working at all, though. I think this painting is done, though I may go back in and tone down the reflected lights on the back of the head. It’s a portrait of my friend and co-worker, Casey. I’m working on one of his wife as well, but that painting still has a way to go…

If this were software, I might call it release candidate 1… but, since it’s not a piece of software, that would be silly. Anyhow, here is the painting in a possibly final state. Note that there is a bit of glare at the bottom of the image, which is hard to avoid since the canvas was still wet. I’ll try to get a better image and post that on my portfolio site in the near future.

Oil Painting of Casey

I’ve also got a portrait drawing that is almost completed, and I’m planning to get out into the studio either tonight or tomorrow to finish it off. Hopefully I’ll have pictures to post this weekend of that one. If only I could work 8 hours a day in the stuio and a couple hours at night programming databases…

– Jeremy

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