Crazy Weather

I just don’t know what to make of the weather we’ve been having this winter. First there was snow before Christmas, a virtually unprecedented event since I’ve been living in Oregon. Then there was the windstorm that knocked out power for so many people in the Pacific Northwest, ourselves included. Then we went to Colorado and got buried under feet and more feet of snow. Last Wednesday it snowed in Salem all day, but only stuck in a few places (mostly where there was bark dust), but it never melted because we had nearly a week of unusually cold, clear weather that actually made the ground freeze hard and stay frozen. Yesterday we woke up to snow and freezing rain covering the ground with a crunchy crust, and we got around an inch of snow during the day. And today, we actually had a weather delay at the university, because all the slush froze overnight and made for a really slippery commute this morning. It’s the strangest winter weather we’ve had since that ice storm a few years back that took out so many trees (the link shows what that storm did to our car).

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