Good Grief… not again.

At present, what seems to be the larger brother of the last storm, which dumped two feet of snow on us, is currently pummeling Denver. Expectations are that it will let up some time on Sunday. Julie and I were scheduled to return home on Saturday.

The blizzard last week stopped all flights into and out of Denver International Airport for the better part of three days. Already this storm has canceled flights through Friday evening, so I figured that it would be better to change our flight now, rather than wait until our flight is officially canceled and have to take an even later flight. As it is, we’ll be coming home late on Tuesday evening, just a few hours before we have to be back at work. I was really hoping to have a couple of days to work on my paintings before getting back to the grind. Alas, it seems it was not to be.

Wishing you all bright, sunny days…

– Jeremy

I’ll post a picture of the now familar bird-feeder in the morning…






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