New Drawing: Shaun

Late last night (early this morning?) I finished a drawing that I started on Saturday. It’s a 20″x14″ pencil drawing of my brother. It is on the same Fabriano paper that I did my most recent self portrait. I really enjoy working with that paper; it fights you just the right amount. Here’s the image and as always, feedback is most gratefully appreciated…


I have been busy otherwise, though I haven’t posted any pics in a couple of weeks. I’ve been working on an oil sketch for a painting, though I probably won’t post that as it was more for my benefit. I’ve got another oil sketch started and I found some time to stretch, size and prime some linen for a couple of paintings. You’ve got to love that rabbit-skin glue, that stuff is the best.

I’m hoping to get a good deal of painting in this weekend.

– Jeremy

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  1. Shaun Sparks

    WHOA! It’s like looking in a mirror!… Spooky!

  2. Rita and Nelson

    Wow Jeremy! You are amazing. I can’t quite remember your brother, but there is definately a family resemblance between the two of you. I am always amazed how real looking the creases are the clothing. His hands look like I could reach out and touch them and they would touch me back! I bet you captured his “essence”, his personality or however an artist puts it. I loved it. You have such God-given talent. I ask that God increase your ability and blesses you with it more and more. Mom Ford

  3. Melanie

    I love it trully beautiful rendering. Miss you alot Hope you and Julie are well. Please write me…Melanie

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