New Drawing

I hope that I'll be able to make this a regular affair. This past week I've been in my studio nearly every day. I've got almost 20 hours into this…

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Never Enough Time

The past three days, instead of jogging after work, I've hit the studio to work on a new drawing.  It seems like that will be a viable solution to getting…

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The Sturdy Old Oak Tree

I've been quite busy this week (and intermittently for the past several weeks) making an illumination for a friend of my mother's. Because the poem I was given contains very…

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Hours Dollars

I suppose that I should have posted this before now but, as of yesterday, I started a new job at Willamette University. I'm back with WITS (Willamette's IT dept), and…

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A week ago, I was enjoying the excellent and talented Hugh Laurie in his inimitable role as Gregory House. It was the start of the third season, and it would…

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Of Pans and Pasta

In his last post, Jeremy put the onus on me to update you about a few more things we’ve been up to in quiet Salem. I have a feeling he…

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