August Update

I haven’t posted in a while… so, I thought it might be a good idea to update my virtual persona. Nothing too exciting has been happening in Salem, hence the lack of updates.

I’ve been working full time in an hourly position with the Networking group at Willamette. Should be receiving a full month’s worth of wages at the end of the week. We’ve been installing wireless access points in all of the residence halls on campus, so that’s been a fun project. Sort of a race to get it all done before the freshmen arrive. We had it all done save one building. However that was a newly constructed building and to be fair the construction wasn’t really done on time either so I don’t think that should count against us.

I’ve been trying to keep up with my jogging. I really need to work on increasing my speed, but my endurance seems to have taken a sharp jump recently. Normally I had been jogging for about a half hour. But over the past couple of weeks I’ve been averaging about 50 minutes a go and even ran for 75 minutes during one session.

Julie and I had a little trouble with our oven; it wasn’t holding the temperature correctly and so most of our baking was coming out poorly. That put a damper on the bread baking for a couple of weeks while we waited for a repair. However it was fixed this past saturday and I already made a batch of buttermilk dinner rolls that turned out really well and I’ve got a pre-ferment in the fridge to make some Viennese bread after work today.

Work on converting the shop into a studio is sort of on hold. No resources to do anything more. But I’ve got it clean enough to put what art furniture I have in there. I managed to pull out my paints for the first time since leaving NY yesterday. That was nice. I worked on a warm/cool grisaille study of a still life concept. I’ve got a idea for a series of still life paintings that I want to work on. I really need to get busy with that project.

Julie hasn’t posted in a while either, so I’ll leave a few bits that are more in her purview for her to speak on. Cheers.

– Jeremy

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  1. Teri

    Wow, that last paragraph makes one wonder…..good things, I hope?

    I have a question for Julie. About a year ago you posted some photos of a cabled sweater you knit from an Adrienne Vittadini pattern (Spring 2002 book). I’d like to make that sweater, but haven’t been able to find the book. Do you still have it? Would you be willing to sell it? Please pm me or post an answer on the blog. Thanks and happy knitting!

  2. julie

    Hi Teri–I have all good things to post about, cooking-, knitting-, and printmaking-wise, if I ever get around to taking photos!

    As for the Ornamental Cable Sweater from Vittadini, unfortunately I don’t have the book myself. I got the yarn and pattern as a kit from Handworks Gallery, partially in hopes that I would be receiving the book, but they only gave me a photocopy of that one pattern, probably because they didn’t have any copies left. It’s a gorgeous sweater, and I wish you the best of luck tracking it down!

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