The End Is Here

Last day of classes today. My graduate school career is now officially over. Unofficially, there are a couple of small hurdles left between now and commencement. The Diploma Project is due on Friday and I’ve been working it off and on the past week. I’m going to paint tomorrow and that should be the end of it.

Here’s a portrait drawing from the past couple of days. I had time to put a bit more effort into it, but the mid-range quality of the paper was actually starting to limit what I could do with the piece. Interesting. The drawing I did in Dan Thompson’s class was on higher quality paper and it really made a difference. I guess I’ll have to get some nice paper for really finished drawings.

Portrait Drawing

Next week is the Year-End Critiques. Should be good fun, the entire faculty is brought to bear on each of us (muted) students in turn. One last verbal flagellation before they send us off, skin thickened, into the wider and ostensibly uncaring world; a spectacle to which the entire school is invited. I was surprised how harsh the tone was last year and I expect no less this coming year. No matter—as long as one has put in the work, it is sort of a no-lose situation and I’ve put in the work.

I’ll post pictures of the painting on Friday after a last few hours of work…

– Jeremy







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