Diploma Project Update

I haven’t posted a new picture in a while, so I thought that I’d show everyone what I did over the break. I don’t know how different it looks to the casual observer, I stare at the painting for several hours a day so you can imagine that I have a different view on how much has changed from day to day. What I can say is that the underpainting is (nearly) complete. I may move on to a full palette on the next work day, or perhaps I’ll give the faces one more pass before I do that. Alek’s face in particular could use another pass. I am very anxious to move on however. It would be nice to have the drawing locked down before dealing with the subtleties of color, but I suppose there is always opportunity to improve the drawing. Oh, and I have a critique with Eric Fischl on Tuesday. Wish me luck…

Diploma Project March 26th

I’ll try to write a catch-all post to talk about some of the other things going on in NYC as well. Cheers.

– Jeremy

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