Bet you’ll never guess what I did this weekend! Well, actually, on Saturday I got all sorts of stuff done: house-cleaning, volunteering at the Marion County Historical Society (I should probably write up a separate post about that), and a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day concert of Celtic harp guitar music with photos and stories of Ireland by John Doan.

On Sunday, though, I got down to brass tacks; sock-knitting, that is. I got quite a bit done: two pairs of socks finished, and well into another pair.

Ladybug Socks

These are the Opal Rainforest Ladybug socks I knit for my grandma. They came out really cute, and well-matched. Now I have to figure out what to do with the leftover yarn. Hm…One of my colleagues at work is having a baby before too long, so maybe I will try making a little hat and pair of baby socks from it.

Pretty Comfy Socks indeed

Next, I finished the Pretty Comfy Socks for myself. They are indeed pretty comfy, not to mention cute, and I can’t wait to wear them. Sadly, though, I have an ankle blister at the moment, and don’t want to wear them until it flattens out. So maybe later in the week…

SockIt Toe

While weaving in ends on the Pretty Comfy Socks, which were my back-up project, I began to feel anxious about not having a project going, so I launched into the socks above: the yarn is Sock It To Me Harlequin from that was given to me as a gift. I’m (crossing my fingers) making a pair of socks for my aunt, assuming that my mom’s guess on her foot size was correct. Since my parents are coming out to visit me the last week in March, and we may be visiting my aunt, I thought it might be fun to surprise her with a pair of handknit socks, since she’s a nurse on her feet at all hours of the day and night. These will just be a basic pair of toe-up short-row socks on #0 needles. I ended up getting quite a bit more done on this sock after taking the first photo—here it is at the end of the evening:

SockIt Sock #1

At this rate, they will definitely be done by the 30th.

Wildfoote sock started

I also got a cuff started with the Wildfoote cone I got from Paradise Fibers last week, mostly just to get a feel for the yarn and how it was going to knit up. I love the colors, and so far the yarn hasn’t been twisting back on itself, which is a complaint I have heard about this particular brand.

Curlicue materials

Finally, I now have the yarn and pattern to make the Curlicue Coverlet. After reviewing the pattern, I think I am going to get a circular needle and type out the instructions line by line so that I can cross each one off as I go; that way I will be less likely to lose track of where I am in the pattern. At any rate, I should be starting it in the next week or two.

I hope you all aren’t getting bored with my sock knitting posts…I’ll try to write something about my new archives experience this week. I’m always encouraging Jeremy to post about what he’s up to in NYC (earlier this month, he visited Vincent Desiderio’s studio earlier and helped him move some paintings for an exhibition at the school), but I know he is swamped with schoolwork—graduation is now officially less than two months away!







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