Sock Updates (and a Bonus!)

Lots of knitting done over the weekend, and I have a few pics to prove it. First off, I finished my parents’ socks, and they were mailed off today, snug in cute little sock sleeves (idea courtesy of Carolyn via Grumperina).

Socks for Mom and Dad

Hope they fit well, Mom and Dad! Let me know when they arrive…

Next, I made quite a bit of headway on my Pretty Comfy Socks, enough that I can now say, yes, they will be pretty comfy. I followed the directions through the cuff/instep pattern, but just kinda winged it after that, with short-row heels and toes. Seems like they are just flying off those log-like #3 needles, after doing so much on #0s and #1s lately.

Pretty Comfy Socks

And finally—in the sock marathon, that is—I got started on a pair of socks for my grandma. As a charter member of the Dead Bug Society, as soon as I saw this Opal Rainforest yarn in the Ladybug colorway, I knew I should knit a pair of socks for Grandma. Last night I knit the foot of the first sock, and am ready to do the heel shaping tonight.

Ladybug socks

And now for something we think you’ll really like (says Rocky the flying ferret):

Fuzzy Bomber Cap and Mittens

These are the Bomber Cap and Mittens from Knitter’s Stash. I made the hat several weeks ago, and have been happily wearing it ever since. The mittens needed to wait for the arrival of reinforcements (I didn’t have quite enough brown Classic Elite Wings), and I knit them up in a few hours this weekend. These knit up extremely soft and warm, and the mulberry Chinchilla worked nicely with the dark brown Wings—good job choosing the yarn, Mom! I made a few slight adjustments to the mittens, making them longer in the cuff and narrower to better fit my tiny wrists. They were field-tested today, and are entirely satisfactory. Too bad I didn’t quite finish them in time for the extremely weird snow/rain/hail/sleet/sun weather we had at the end of last week, but them’s the breaks.

I got a package in the mail this afternoon, with a spool of Elderberry(ish) Wildfoote sock yarn and the pattern for Oat Couture’s infamous Curlicue Coverlet, which I’m going to make for my cousin who’s having a baby in September. I saw this version in Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece Oriental Jade, and immediately wanted to make one just like it. And yes, I know some people have had problems with undesired ruching in the past, but what can I say—I’m optimistic and ready for a challenge.*

*I reserve the right to retract this statement if/when this pattern reduces me to a sobbing, stomping, yarn-flinging lunatic. Isn’t revisionist history fun?







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