The Spring of Socks

Not sure how it happened, but this is turning out to be the spring of socks. Case in point:

Carol\'s Broadripple socks Carol\'s Fixation Socks

Mom\'s capelet

The three images above were my projects over the Christmas break. My mom and I picked out the yarn over Thanksgiving, and with it I made a capelet and scarf for my mom (sorry for the bad pics—maybe my parents can provide me with a modeled shot?), and two pairs of socks for her friend and co-worker Carol. This marks my third knit pair of Broadripple socks, so apparently I like the pattern. The green socks, which striped up fetchingly, were made with the same pattern I improvised for my beige socks last spring. It worked out nicely because Carol’s feet are pretty much the same size as mine. Specs are below.

Broadripple Socks (Knitty Summer 2003): Cascade Fixation
Toe-Up Picot Socks (my own pattern): Cascade Fixation Effects in Army Green
Chinchilla Capelet and Scarf (IK Fall 2003): Berroco Chinchilla in Mulberry

Colorwork Hat

By the time I finished those projects, I was eager to cast on for something new, so I hit on the Colorwork Hat from the same issue of Interweave Knits as the capelet. I used the black and brown Cascade 220 I had left over from our Halloween costumes (namely, Jeremy’s felted hat and my cauls). It came out beautifully, and I’ve been wearing it outside every time there’s a break in the rain. And yes, I framed that shot so you can see the SUN out the window—the first significant break we’ve had in the rain and clouds for months, I think.

Finished Pomatomus socks

Next, I knit the Pomatomus socks from the Winter 2005 issue of Knitty, using a gorgeous skein of Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Merino (colorway: Blueberry Hill) that had been waiting patiently in my stash for several years. The pattern was a challenging one, mostly meaning that I had to pay attention where I was in the chart or risk lots of frogging. So… I did lots of frogging. But they came out well, and since the Supersock is very very soft and the pattern is lacey for ventilation, I may even be able to wear them. And if not, well, now I know someone with the same size feet as me.

Alice\'s Broadripple socks

My mom (yes, again) was good enough to buy me some more sock yarn and such last week, and while I waited for that package to arrive, I found myself sadly without anything to knit. My friend Alice took pity on me Friday night, and gave me two balls of Fixation from her stash, which have gone neglected due to an active toddler in the house. I immediately cast on for (yet another) pair of Broadripples for her. I made it as far as the heel of the first sock before the package from my mom came, but now they will go on the backburner while I work on socks for Jeremy and my dad, who both have February birthdays.

Jeremy\'s grey striped socks

The yarn for these socks is the fabled Trekking XXL, which I have been having trouble tracking down for purchase online. I keep hearing good things about this yarn, though, particularly relating to its male-friendly colorways, so here’s hoping Jeremy will like these socks. The pattern is Priscilla’s Dream Socks from the IK website, and I am knitting them on #0 needles, so it is taking a little while. After working all weekend, I am now an inch or two away from starting the toe shaping on the first sock.

Sock yarn upcoming

Helmet hat and mittens yarn

Here are some pics of upcoming projects: I have enough of the grey Trekking for at least one more pair of socks, maybe two. I have a few balls of Lana Grossa Multieffekt in blue/grey, a few of Sock It To Me Harlequin, a ball of Regia Jubilee that has been waiting for #1 DPNs (story to follow); and enough blue Esprit for one more pair of socks for myself, since, sadly, I don’t think the self-patterning wool yarns would be soft enough for my sensitive skin.

And when the thought of knitting one more sock is enough to send me screaming into the sunset, I have a hat and mittens project coming up, using the Chinchilla left over from my mom’s capelet: the Bomber Cap and Mittens from Knitter’s Stash. I’ve been wanting to knit these for some time, and Mom picked out some lovely (and SOFT!) brown Classic Elite Wings to pair with the rosy Chinchilla.







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