Déjà Vu?

As I sit here preparing to go sing at the Lessons and Carols convo for the third year running, I looked back in the blog to recall whether or not I wrote about the experience last year. Sure enough, I did. What surprised me, though, was how similar my life was last year at this time to what I am doing now.

A year ago, the night before Lessons and Carols, I went to choir practice, ran over to yoga, and got started on holiday baking. The next day, I wrote up a little blog post and baked pumpkin and eggnog breads to take to the holiday party at work.

This year, the only difference is that I’m making Bill Granger’s coconut bread instead of eggnog bread, and don’t plan to start baking cookies until this weekend.

Oh, and the most important difference of all: Last year Lessons and Carols took place 9 days before Jeremy came home for Christmas, but this year he’ll be here in a week! If only I could make the time pass more quickly—this waiting thing is killing me… 🙂







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