Self Portrait in the Manner of Don Quixote

Think I’ve finally finished this one. It took a great deal of restraint to wait until now to paint in the hair. Once that was done there were a few small details to lock down and well… here’s the result.

(click for larger version)
Self Portrait in the Manner of Don Quixote

– Jeremy







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  1. Dan Avatar

    This version is awesome! My only comment would be that the ear lobe seems to pull in the eye as a focus point. The jaw, eye, nose centroid would seem to be the perfect foci if not diverted to the ear lobe. I’ve never paid much attention to my lobes, so yours may be exactly correct, but if more subtle, might not draw the eye directly. Just my uneducated opinion.

    Love the detailing in the face, shirt and backround. Handsome fellow my son !!! Wish I took after him.

    PS. Call Mom

    Love Dad

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