Weekend Update

I’ve worked quite a bit on my Ecorche since the last update. I’ve added most of the trunk muscles and all of the upper-leg muscles, save the tensor fascia lata. Here’s an updated image. Such a great exercise, it really exercises your conceptual demons and illustrates where you know the musculature and where you do not. This won’t be the last time I make an Ecorche, I’m really looking forward to using what I’ve learned this time around to make a cleaner one next time.


This is an interesting exercise. In Martha’s History of Painting Techniques class we are concluding the semester with an open-form painting. Basically we’re supposed to be losing the contour of the figure, essentially democratizing the entire painting surface by treating everything as a patch of color. Obviously this isn’t something that I’ve done successfully. It was surprisingly hard for some of us in the class (me in particular) to give up the silhouette. My painting really just looks like I’m trying to paint a Renoir. We’ve got a few more weeks to work on it though, perhaps I’ll be able to build up the surface a bit and make a decent painting out of it even if I don’t completely lose the linear aspect of the form.

Open Form Painting

Here’s another picture of the continuing exercise from the Alyssa Monks class. I spent most the entire class working on the head this past week. Finally getting close with this layer, I need to finish the hands and feet.

Figure Painting

– Jeremy

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