NYAA update

We’re rapidly approaching the end of the semester. It is difficult for me to think about the fact that there are only a few more months before I graduate. Anyhow, here’s a rare mid-week update with some images of recent work.

This one is from the Alyssa Monks continuing ed class I mentioned previously. We’ve moved on to a longer pose and this is after three sessions of three hours each. I’ve got a good start on most of the first layer. I need to work on the hands, feet and head still. It’s a good palette that she uses, very versatile, though it takes a good 75 minutes to mix it all up. Still, it’s well worth it to put in the effort ahead of time. We’ve got five classes left—I’m looking forward to see how she finishes a painting.
Figure Painting

Completely different technique. As I had mentioned previously, this one is done using an India Ink underpainting. Color is then glazed on top of the ink wash… that’s really about as complicated as it gets. It is a great technique, and I think I’m going to try to do another painting like this over the Christmas break. The colors are much more jewel-like in person—I wish that the photograph was a bit better for showing that quality of the painting.
Figure Painting

Here’s an update on my continuing self-portrait, also for Martha’s History of Painting Techniques class. It’s still coming along, though I’m not entirely happy with the accoutrements, so I’m going to work on those a bit more. The hair hasn’t been painted in at all yet; that’s one of the last things to be painted in. Though it’s difficult to wait…
Self Portrait

Back to the grind. I’m going to be spending most of the next two days working on my Ecorche. I’ll post some more pictures of that, hopefully, this weekend.

– Jeremy

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