Halloween (Post-Op)

Sorry for the delay—I know that some of you have been waiting for pictures from the annual NYAA Halloween Party. The wait is over…

Here we have Gina sporting not only a parrot but a dashing smile to boot, and giving Mr. Depp a run for his pirate money.
Dashing Smile

Here’s Patrick: just don’t ask him what Brown can do for you…
Gotta Package Here

Rachel in a mock-Paris Hilton getup. How you doin’?
How You Doin?

Of course no New York soiree is complete without a visit by the Prince of Darkness himself. Here he is making time with the ladies.
Satan Hanging with the Ladies

Much dancing was had by all, even the pirates and indians…
Shake Your Money-Maker

Jee, aping the talented SNL’er Molly Shannon’s character, Mary Katherine Gallagher.

Daisy Duke made an appearance and posed for this beer ad, I mean photo op… thanks, Rachel.
The Short-Shorts

Dana and Brooke, just another typical NYC copule.
Typical NYC Couple

Okay… too obvious, I know. Would you believe that these two came separately?
Father of Mine

Here’s a group picture of many of the second year students. What a colorful bunch of people. Not to get all melodramatic on you, but I will surely miss them next year.
The Gang\'s All Here

Of course you know by now that Julie has spent months working on our costumes. Life imitating art, as it were. From Van Eyck’s famous Arnolfini Marriage…
The Arnolfini\'s

Julie’s effort was so impressive that we (notice how I inserted myself into that when she did all of the work) won the costume contest. Here’s one last shot of Julie’s costume…

Mrs. Arnolfini

– Jeremy



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  1. Paulo Avatar

    Ha ha, kudos on the Van Eyck costumes! They’re excellent.

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