5 Museums in 8 Days, Part 3

#4: The Cloisters

We’re in the home stretch, at least as far as these museum visit posts are concerned. On Thursday, we went up to The Cloisters, an amazing branch of the Metropolitan Museum of Art focusing on the art and architecture of medieval Europe.

At The Cloisters

The two biggest highlights of this museum have to be the Merode Altarpiece and the The Unicorn Tapestries, but the whole building is a wonder of medieval art and architecture.

At The Cloisters

We’ll definitely have to come back here in the spring. Despite the chilly weather, I had a good time looking through the gardens, which contain a number of plants I had heard of, but never seen, like this quince tree:
Quince tree

By the way, I’m not sure why Jeremy only sent photos of the Cloisters that I was in, because we took a lot more than these. Here’s a link to some he took last spring, for a refresher.

#5: The Metropolitan Museum of Art (again)

Finally, we reprised our visit to the Met this past Saturday for a nice bookend effect to the trip—although we were both so tired from the Friday night Halloween party that it was a much shorter visit. Still, there were whole wings we missed before, and a new special exhibit to take in.

This time we got to the modern art wing, the Prague exhibition (which had a really neat medieval model book I don’t see on their website), an exhibit of Santiago Calatrava’s sculpture and architecture, and a quick pass through the Japanese armor and Asian art sections. We also went through the Fra Angelico show, which had opened earlier in the week. In the photo below, I am standing next to a Neo-Assyrian lamassu.


Still to come, restaurants and other NYC miscellany, plus a certain Halloween costume party (or at least our costumes for it)—stay tuned!






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