Weekend Update

I've worked quite a bit on my Ecorche since the last update. I've added most of the trunk muscles and all of the upper-leg muscles, save the tensor fascia lata.…

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Arnolfini Style

Now that Jeremy has posted a few more photos from the Halloween party, I should write a little more about our costumes, just to finish the subject for once and…

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NYAA update

We're rapidly approaching the end of the semester. It is difficult for me to think about the fact that there are only a few more months before I graduate. Anyhow,…

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NYC Restaurants

Acqua We went to this restaurant on the way home from our 8-hr visit to the Met. We got off the subway without a particular dining destination in mind, and…

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Self Portrait Update

I spent most of Monday and Tuesday working on my History of Painting Techniques self portrait. So far so good. The underpainting of the flesh was all done using Indian…

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5 Museums in 8 Days, Part 3

#4: The Cloisters We're in the home stretch, at least as far as these museum visit posts are concerned. On Thursday, we went up to The Cloisters, an amazing branch…

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