A Couple of Pictures

Here’s the finished drawing I did for my History of Painting Techniques self portrait. Martha actually dug it. She gave me a few suggestions, though. She thought the body was so dynamic that it would be stronger if the head wasn’t so frontal, that it would read better if the palette wasn’t cropped at the top, and that the head was a little small. So hopefully now I can take this and make an even better painting.

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Self Portrait

The last three days have been spent working on a large figure drawing with a guest instructor, Will Cotton. Some of you may recall that I actually wrote a paper about Will’s work first semester last year, so it was fun to have a chance to meet and talk with him a bit. The concept was to draw the figure and then splice an element from a photograph into the composition. Obviously the perspectival situations in the two images are going to be different, so you need to be able to conver the information from the photograph and merge it with what you have before you in the live model. Generally this process is referred to as synthetic composition; if you’ve ever seen Will’s work, you understand why he was teaching the class. It was also nice to be able to work on a multi-day drawing. This one was pretty large—it’s about 40″ across.

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Tonal Drawing in Will Cotton\'s Master Class

Back to the grind tomorrow. I’m glad to have had the three days of drawing and I learned quite a lot. However, it meant missing a day of Ecorche, which I’ll have to make up, and now there’s no time to take a day off. Oh well, par for the course.

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  1. Leah Sparks Avatar
    Leah Sparks

    hey Jeremy,

    So glad Julie is coming to see you! Yah’alls drawings are awesome! Get the southern accent? Want to talk to you to see if we can figure out a way you can come to North Carolina for Thanksgiving.

    Miss you and Love you!!! Mom

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