A Couple of Pictures

These are the two things that I have been spending the bulk of my time on the past few days. The first is the start of my Ecorche. At this point, I just have a mass-conception for the ribcage and pelvis in place, but things should start to progress rapidly from here. Next is supposed to be the head, and then finish off the axial skeleton. Once that’s done, I imagine we’ll start putting on muscles before proceeding to the arms, but that’s just a guess.


This is another concept for my self-portrait in Martha’s painting techniques class. Sometimes I feel that my brain must have been addled by Renaissance painting the way that Don Quixote’s was by medival romances. Sort of a silly image, but I identify with it. I doubt Martha will like it as it isn’t particularly ennobling to the human form, which is what she believes Art is about. It’s still not done, but it’s getting there…

Self Portrait Drawing

I should post a picture of the work I’m doing in the Alyssa Monks class as well. Should have that up on Wednesday or Thursday.

– Jeremy







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