Mitigated Success…

Here’s a couple more pictures, must have a guilty conscience or someting.

This is a self portrait that I’m going to be working on for Martha Erlebacher’s History of Painting Techniques class. I spent Tuesday trying to get a good drawing done; knowing full well that attempting to please Martha is sort of like giving Heracles bad news. At least she is too petite to physically crush me.

Draft: Self Portrait

Yeah, I know that I still need to get better at portraits. I’ve centered the center-line of the face which makes my left cheek seem to pull forward too much and I’ve frontalized the distal end of the nose… back to the drawing board (so to speak). Guess I’ll rework that this weekend and come up with a real composition for the figure.

We also started painting with the egg tempera today. For a long time I tried to paint with it. Then it sort of dawned on me that it is really more of a drawing medium. You need to build up tones with lots of short cross-hatching strokes. Once I figured that out, the paint started to make friends with me. Should be better next time that I give it a try. This is really more of a stab at figuring out the medium more than anything.

Egg Tempera Test

Tomorrow on to work on my ecorche….

– Jeremy







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