Back in Brooklyn, er… the Upper West Side

After a comparably uneventful flight back to JFK, I find myself once more in the Capitol of the World. First order of business is to find a new place to live, which involves scouring the digital For-Rent pages and sending off many, many emails. To which I seem to receive only a few replies, and even fewer of those result in an actual appointment to view a room or apartment. I’m not sure why people who place an ad wouldn’t respond. Perhaps they are deluged with responses and simply select the first one. Or perhaps I write too much or too little in my correspondences—I’m not sure what the secret is. Presumably they actually have an apartment since they placed an ad, albeit a free one. Or is it simply that, like Thoreau, they take so much delight in the process that it is not necessary to actually posess a physical room to rent out?

Now that my lease has expired at the St. George, I am very grateful to my good friends Tara and Loren who have allowed me to invade their palatial (by NYC standards at least) apartment. I tell you, those kids at Columbia don’t know how good they’ve got it. However, that means hauling everything that I have in the city 45 minutes (as the subway flies) from Brooklyn Heights to the Upper West Side. Six back-breaking trips was all it took; well, that and the two trips to Tribeca to deposit school supplies at NYAA.

My quest continues… stay tuned.

– Jeremy

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  1. Leah Sparks

    Hi Jeremy,
    So happy to see your posting!!! We were worried about you. Hope you find an apt. soon
    Much Love, Mom

  2. Nelson

    Jeremy, I loved the comment about not actually needing to have an apartment available to rent in order to enjoy the process of offering to rent one out. I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time. Rita, on the other hand, seemed to miss the whole joke.

    Glad you found a great spot even though the ride to school will be lengthly. The environs will make up for it, I’m sure.

    What’s the name of the church in the pictures? My folks were married in New York on Riverside Drive so I was wondering if it was the same one.

    Harp guitars sound interesting. Do they have harp guitar drums by any chance? How about harp guitar oboe clarinets? Let’s get the whole orchestra in there!

    Take care.


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