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Time to grab your crayons and your pencils….

Sorry, feeling a little nostalgic there… 5 points to anyone out there who remembers the song.

Anyhow, sorry that I haven’t posted in a few weeks. The end of the semester has been particularly busy. Things are pretty well wrapped up now. And I’ll be home in just over two weeks.

This first drawing is for my Anatomical Drawing class. In addition to the anatomy notebook, we’ve been making we had a final drawing of a full cast. Didactic, not aesthetic was the rule….
Anatomical Drawing

I’ve posted an earlier version of this painting. Here the light mass is pretty well defined and the outer contour has been defined by painting in something of the background. Next step would be to paint in the turnings, and if that works, perhaps some of the reflected (warm) light translucently into the shadow mass.
Painting II

And a figure drawing. This one was fun, lot of foreshortening.

Figure Drawing

Finally another painting. Probably the best painting that I’ve done at the school so far. Sorry about the poor image quality. It was still very wet when I took this painting earlier today. Hopefully I’ll be able to get a better shot of it before I leave. It still has some problems, mostly with proportions. The heads are a little large, particularly the female head (insert Mike Myers joke about huge head here).



– Jeremy

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