Weekend Update

Greeings All,

This first drawing is obviously a self-portrait. I worked on Fabriano Ingres paper with real Sanguine. It turned out alright. The eyes are a little big and the mouth is a little small. I was really trying to get at the overlaps in the contour, which made me look a little thinner than I really am. But on the whole I’m feeling alright about how it turned out. Sanguine is difficult to work with— it’s basically a rock, that you sharpen to a point.

Self Portrait Drawing

I mentioned that we were doing a Carravagisti painting in our Figure Painting class. Here is the result after the first day of work. It is an interesting process. You start on a dark ground made of 50% burnt umber and 50% burnt sienna. Then you put down a couch (glaze) of sepia extra and paint opaquely into the light mass using a dead-palette (Yellow Ochre, Flesh Ochre or Vermillion and Blue Black). I understand that we will continue to add a sepia couch, painting directly into the light mass to continue the process. Not sure what the end state is to look like.

Carravagisti Painting

These next two paintings consumed the entirety of my weekend. I usually try to save a day or so to rest, but not this weekend. Both were begun as a perspective drawing using furniture from my imagination. I took photos of Bain and Tana (thanks guys!) to add figures to the compositions. I am really excited about the process; it is fascinating to me how one can use perspective to create a convincing space. I think that I will be using perspective in most of my work from here on out.

This painting consumed Saturday. It is done entirely with the warm-cool palette that Wade Schuman taught us (Transparent Red Oxide, Blue Black and Lead White). It still needs a lot of work, but I got a good start on it. I’m glad it is only 15″ by 24″.

Sofa Painting

Pretty much the same process for this second image, just today instead of yesterday. Another small image, 20″ by 24″.

Chess Painting

I wanted these works to relate, they are about… well, gender issues. Hmm, hope that doesn’t sound pejorative; I don’t intend for the images to be so. Let me know what you think. I’m curious to hear what people see in them.

– Jeremy







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