Weekend Update

Haven’t posted any pictures in a while. Sorry about that. This first one is a drawing from my Figure Drawing class. We’re focusing on heads and hands at the moment. I’ve got to do another self portrait drawing for that class as well.

Head Study

This is a sketch for the next in-class painting for Wade. I’m going to try doing an open-form type of painting, think Caravaggisti. As my form sense is generally more of the the silhouette-driven closed-form this should be interesting. Only 4 weeks to work on it as well.

Painting Study

I know I’ve posted a lot of images of this painting, and you all are probably getting tired of it by now, but we finished working on it last week and I wanted to have a picture of it in the final state.

Figure Painting

Yesterday was the day to work on my self portrait painting. There are still some problems (particularly with the jaw line), and I’m not really happy with it. But the work needs to get done as there are four more paintings waiting in the wings.
Self Portrait

I was hoping for a day off this weekend, but alas, there is simply too much to do. I’m going to a medical school in Jersey tomorrow aftenoon with some classmates, to see a human cadaver. (Note to self: don’t eat roast beef for lunch).

– Jeremy

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