Loki : October 31, 1999 – April 9, 2005

Loki passed away this afternoon. She was an excellent ferret and constant friend. Despite her namesake, she was never much of any trouble — unless you count the times she would abscond with a ball of yarn. She loved to roll on plastic lids and play in tubes. She broke one of her canines in an unfortunate bathtub accident and had to have it capped, which earned her the moniker, Snaggle-tooth.

She was the cheerful Omega of our busyness, a position that she never relinquished, though three came after her. She was as quick to play with her humans as she was with her siblings, sometimes even more so. She enjoyed moving to one’s flank and pouncing on an exposed ankle, though she never did more than grab on with her paws.

Little Loki

Godspeed Little Loki, you will be missed.







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  1. lasher Avatar

    just stumbled upon your site today, don’t know if you will see this. Anyway I was moved, and wanted to say how pretty Loki was and I am sorry. I will be giving my three munchkins an extra tussle tonight, especially “ti” who is battling adrenal and insulinoma. You story also made me think of the four ferrets I have lost previously, they are all special, unique and beautiful. It’s a great picture of Loki, and I am sure she is currently “out flanking” one of my fuzzies right now. Ele was never very fast anyway!

  2. nick Avatar

    ferrets are funny things. how old was Loki? i just got my fantastic four fuzzers and its been a year now. good luck to the rest of your gang

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