More Visitors

For the past several days , I have been fortunate to have a visit from my parents, who drove out from Colorado for their spring break. Due to an acute shortage of accrued vacation days after my time off with Jeremy, at Christmas and just last week, I was only able to take yesterday off to go out on the town with them, but I think we more than made up for lost time. 🙂 After dropping by the vet to pick up a refill on Loki’s medication, we had lunch at Caprial’s Bistro in southeast Portland, and stopped in at the Yarn Garden, about which more when I’ve taken pictures. Rest assured I now have several new projects lined up.

This was followed up by a trip to Powell’s Books, with visits to Mio Gelato and Anthropologie while we were in the vicinity. I hadn’t been in the latter since it opened last fall, and ended up coming home with two lovely summer tops that I probably won’t be able to wear until June, now that we are back in a rainy weather pattern again.

After some confusion about where to turn near the Burnside Bridge, and much resultant frustration, we went to Oregon City for a short visit with my aunt, who cheered us up with homemade grape pie. We headed back down to Salem, and, after dinner, went to see National Treasure to round off the evening.

Now that my parents are on the road back to Denver and Jeremy is digging in for the end-of-semester crunch, the house will seem extra quiet and empty. At least for another week or so…

[To be continued…]

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