Weekend Update

Greeings All, This first drawing is obviously a self-portrait. I worked on Fabriano Ingres paper with real Sanguine. It turned out alright. The eyes are a little big and the…

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Today I had the opportunity, in which few outside of the medical community can claim to have participated, to view a flayed human corpse. Of course one cannot really prepare…

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Weekend Update

Haven't posted any pictures in a while. Sorry about that. This first one is a drawing from my Figure Drawing class. We're focusing on heads and hands at the moment.…

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The End of Film

I try to avoid superlatives. I do not believe that we are living at the peak of human civilization or understanding. I understand that the time when painting held sway…

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More Visitors

For the past several days , I have been fortunate to have a visit from my parents, who drove out from Colorado for their spring break. Due to an acute…

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