A Short Update

Not sure when I will post my next blog entry*, so I’ll just give you a brief update for the time being.

* Jeremy comes home for spring break late tomorrow night, and my parents will be visiting over their spring break the following week. Yay for company!

Knitting Progress

I’m very pleased to say that my Braid-Edge cardigan is at last a finished object. After marinating seamed for 6 months, I finally got the needles I needed to complete the front band. It was complete (sans woven ends) a year to the day after I cast on, and had its work debut this past Wednesday. If I ask nicely, maybe Jeremy will take a photo of me modeling the prodigal cardigan to post here. 🙂

The Vintage Cardigan is also nearly complete. It just needs seaming and a collarband, and then I have to track down the perfect buttons. In the meantime, I am continuing to work on the second beige toe-up sock and my parents’ AbFab afghan, which needs four diamonds and some finishing to be complete. The goal is to have it finished by the time my parents leave, so it can go home with them. Photos of all of the above will also be forthcoming upon completion.

Shameless Promotion

I’ve heard many good things about Adagio Teas recently, but have not had the chance to try out any of their products yet. They sell full-leaf gourmet teas of all sorts, and some really neat kettles and infusers and other contraptions for brewing perfect tea. We don’t ordinarily promote products on this blog, but they are offering rewards to people who link to their site, in an effort to increase their Google ratings. Sounded like a good deal to me.



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