I don’t know if most of you would consider this to be a famous person sighting, but Orson Scott Card, author of the excellent book Ender’s Game, among many many others, had a book signing in town today. Julie forced me to brave the wintery mix of snow and freezing rain, not to mention the 55 mile-per-hour winds to get a signed copy of his new book, Shadow of the Giant.

Orson Scott Card is very personable and well spoken. He answered questions for about an hour, before the 300 or so eager audience members lined up to have one of his novels inscribed. If you haven’t taken the time to read Ender’s Game, I would suggest that you pick up a copy. It is an excellent book; I promise that you won’t be disappointed. Card also writes a weekly column for his local paper, which are shortly-thereafter posted on one of his websites. If you are interested in reading politically-oriented articles by an intelligent and capable writer (i.e. something more than you’ll get from the sound-bites on CNN), you should also check out The Ornery American.

– Jeremy







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