Mid-Week Update

I know it is out of character for me to post between weekends, but I brought the camera to school today to get a couple of pictures. I don’t have a lot of time to give details about what these are, but if I get a chance soon, I’ll rework this post with more information.

These first two are small (10″ x 15″) oil sketches done ala prima, less than 5 hours for each.

Oil Sketch

Oil Sketch

This is a continuation of the painting that I posted earlier. Still nothing other than Transparent Red Oxide, Blue Black and Lead White. The colors are off in the picture, but you get an idea about the drawing.

Figure Painting

I’ve done a “muscular” re-working of my self-portrait composition… this is the imprematura on the final support (42″ x 36″). Still needs a lot of work, but at least it’s on it way.

Self Portrait Imprematura

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