Socks and More Socks

Well, maybe the Fuzzy Feet aren’t interesting enough to have their own blog entry. I felted them yesterday, and they are still quite damp, but I am happy with how they turned out. Warm feet coming right up…

Felted Fuzzy Feet

I also finished the Dresser Scarf socks this evening, and they fit nicely. I am definitely not so thrilled about the bind-off over the top of the foot, and if I make these socks again it will be on smaller needles. But they are lovely, interesting socks:

Dresser drawer socks finished

I found the pattern quick and entertaining, and I love the elasticy cotton yarn, which should prevent slouching, yet doesn’t feel gravely under my feet. And it is so nice to have socks that fit!

Dresser drawer socks on







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  1. Carol Alderson Avatar
    Carol Alderson

    Hi Julie,
    I’ve been looking at your website and enjoying your many talents. I’ve been so lucky to be the recipient of two of your creations in yarn. I love the shawl/scarf that your mom gave me for my birthday. The colors are gorgeous and the pattern on the back is fabulous. I wore it to school last week over a white blouse and with a deep purple wool skirt. Many compliments came my way as people noticed it. Thanks so much for your time and artistic touch. You should also know that I enjoy wearing the multi-colored scarf that you knitted a year ago. The metalic strands and ribbons are lovely and it goes with all my coats. It too has been the envy of many. Gifts that have come from you are such a treasure.
    I look forward to visitin your website in the future and seeing the art that you and Jeremy post. Take care and I hope spring break comes quickly so you’ll soon be together!

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