Dresser Scarf Socks

Dresser drawer sock #1 in progress

I must be in a sock-making mood. Last week I knit myself a second pair of Fuzzy Feet from scraps of Lamb’s Pride. They knit up fast, and gave me something to do during the slow afternoon of our library’s annual book sale. I just have to weave in ends on one sock and felt them, and I will give them their very own blog entry.

This week, while trying to acclimate my eyes to a new lens prescription that I am now convinced is just wrong, I decided to start a new project—working on a pair of Dresser Scarf Socks from the Spring 2003 issue of Interweave Knits, in Elann.com’s Esprit yarn). Working on and off for a day and a half, or thereabouts, I was able to finish the first sock last night.

This sock pattern uses rather clever construction—the understated lace cuff is knit sideways with a provisional cast-on and grafted seam that almost disappears. Then stitches are picked up at the ankle, and the sock progresses quickly with short-rowed heel and toe, and a decorative 3-needle bind-off over the top of the foot. That part I am not so sure I like, as it seems bulky for wearing with socks. If I were to make this pattern again, I might just graft the seam with kitchener stitch.

The sock itself fits well and is comfortable. For my extra-small feet I made some slight pattern adjustments, decreasing the cuff depth by two pattern repeats, which also changed the number of stitches in the foot, and decreasing in needle size from #5 to #4 when I reached the ankle. If I were to make this pattern again, I might well use the smaller needles the whole way through.

Now to try making the second sock the same as the first, and I’ll have a pair of socks that perfectly matches my Blue Diamond tank for this summer.







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