Finished Kent print

Kent engraving printed

Title: Rockwell Kent
Medium: Resingrave engraving
Size: 4X6 image size, 10×15 paper size
Materials: Daniel Smith oil-based relief ink on white Lenox 100 paper
Edition Size: 32 (+ 4 AP)

Here is the finished Rockwell Kent portrait engraving. I realize this image looks exactly like the one of the block, in reverse… I promise it is a photo of the print itself, though. Maybe Jeremy can take a better photo when he gets his impression in the mail.

I’m quite happy with the finished product, despite the “noise” in the white spaces of the print, caused by having only a small round graver with which to clear them out. I toned it down to what I consider an acceptable level of noise by cleaning those areas with a Q-tip each time I printed… a bit of a pain. Before I do another engraving, I will make sure to purchase a larger graver at McClain’s.

Since finishing the engraving on Saturday, I have made some headway on two other editions. For the first, a mini-print for a Print Australia solstice exchange, I printed the first state (of 2 to 3 total) last night. For the other, an image of Ajax playing in a paper bag, I purchased and cut enough brown Canson Mi-Teintes paper for a chine colle edition. Tonight I plan to cut the whites from the colle paper with a razor, and continue carving the accompanying lino block.







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