January Blizzard ‘05

Jee, one of my classmates, and I, decided to head to the Met this morning. We got there about 10am. At that time, there wasn’t even a hint that it would be snowing (unless you count the weather reports). Several hours later, as we were making our way in to the modern and contemporary section, we noticed out the window that the entire world seemed to be blanketed in snow. As it was well past lunch time, we decided not to wait too long in making our way home (though we did opt to walk through Central Park rather than jump on the nearer sub-line).

Jee in Central Park 1/22/05

Jeremy in Central Park 1/22/05

There was a good three inches of snow covering the ground by the time we got back to Brooklyn. I walked down to the Brooklyn Heights Promenade to see if I could get a picture of Manhattan, but alas, the weather was so thick, I couldn’t even seen the near side of the East River, let alone the Manhattan side.

Clark St., Brooklyn Jan 2005

That’s pretty much what it looked like in my neighborhood. The snow is still falling fast and furious as I type this, and the wind is blowing so hard it looks like the snow is coming in at a 45-degree angle. We are supposed to get upwards of a foot of snow today, with winds gusting in excess of 50 miles per hour. I’m glad that I brought some of my art supplies home with me last night. Time for some hot chocolate.

– Jeremy







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