Off to a Furious Start

Well, two days’ worth of classes are now behind me, and already I feel like I’m falling behind. There is a lot to do this semester. I had Perspective yesterday (I know, something I should have gotten a long time ago ;)) and Painting II today. The perspective class is taught by the very affable Patrick Connors, which is fortunate, considering that perspective, like British comedy, is the sort of subject that can be exceedingly dull in the wrong hands. Looks to be a great deal of work, though. Still, it’s invaluable knowledge.

Painting II looks to be a great deal of work as well, even though we are only doing 4 paintings this semester in that class (there will be other paintings in some of the other classes). Wade Schuman wants us to work large. During the 15 weeks, we’ll be doing 2 in-class paintings from the model and we are to do 2 homework paintings. One is a life-size 3/4ths or full size self-portrait (yikes). The other is to be a multi-figure interior space. He has also admonished us to stretch and prime our own linen supports. I spent the better part of this evening stretching two linen supports—one was 36″ x 36″, the other 36″ x 42″. Now I just need to prime them. I’ve never painted anyting that large, and I must say that it’s a little intimidating. I am looking forward to it, though. We also need to have a compositional drawing for our self-portrait by next Wednesday. Time to start coming up with some ideas for that one…

I thoroughly enjoyed my winter break, even if that last weekend could have been better. Guess it’s time to get the nose back to the grindstone. For those who are curious, my hard work last semester did pay dividends when grades were reported. Hopefully I can maintain that trend for the next three semesters.

– Jeremy

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