Where’d That Rabbit’s-Foot Go?

Sorry for the long absence from the blog. Jeremy and I thoroughly enjoyed our reunion and several straight weeks of vacation over the holiday. We mostly just stayed at home and hung out, catching up on DVDs and playing with the fuzzies (just what we had planned on, but rather boring to blog about). It took Jeremy about a week to relax, but then he went into full vacation mode. šŸ˜‰

Unfortunately, we had a run of bad luck starting about a week ago, and aren’t quite sure if it is over yet. Last Monday night, the truck we borrowed from my aunt got broken into in our driveway: a window was smashed and the stereo stolen. We were able to get all of that replaced by the end of the week so that Jeremy could return the truck on his way to PDX.

Then we started hearing comments that the weather would be crummy on Saturday, just in time for Jeremy’s flight out. Sure enough, overnight on Friday we had some really nasty freezing rain that rendering the roads into skating rinks. I think Jeremy made it about a quarter of the way to the airport before spinning out on I-5 and getting towed out of a ditch. He crept carefully back home—stressed out but not hurt—and rescheduled his (now cancelled) flight for Sunday. However, the roads were in no better condition Sunday morning than the day before, so he rescheduled yet again for this morning.

By late afternoon yesterday, the ice had thawed, and your housebound heroes decided to go out for one last meal—only to discover that the truck’s headlights had been left on in the previous day’s confusion and the battery was dead. Frustrated, we called a friend to come give us a jumpstart, then pushed the truck from the driveway to the street in preparation—and promptly locked the keys inside the cab. There was much howling and hopping up and down in exasperation. An hour later, we managed to get the keys by fishing for the door handle with a wire coat hanger, performed the jump, and discovered that something was wrong besides the dead battery. Jeremy suspects the alternator.

I am just thankful that we tried to go out to dinner last night, or we wouldn’t have realized the problem until this morning when Jeremy had to leave. As it is, we were able to book him a spot on the airport shuttle and get him a ride to the pick-up point this morning. His flight to Seattle was only delayed by about an hour (more freezing rain in Portland, though it was 50 degrees in Salem), and as far as I can tell, he seems to have arrived with just enough time to catch the connection to NYC. If all goes well, he’ll arrive back at his apartment around midnight, with classes starting bright and early tomorrow.

Pray for us, would you?

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