Knitting Update, Part 1

My apologies! It’s been quite a while since I’ve written in with a knitting update, primarily due to laziness over formatting photos. Since I have now accumulated enough material for numerous posts, I’ll spread them out a bit.

Cable Scarf Set

Remember the chunky baby alpaca yarn from Yarn Garden? It has transformed into a lovely cabled scarf and ear cozy set, which I have worn almost every day since finishing. I maximized my use of the 2 skeins I had by starting with the headband (keeping in mind the possibility of turning it into a hat later on), and then working the scarf as a shorter keyhole scarf.

Cabled headband
(Depending on your monitor, you may or may not be able to see the texture of these items through the dark coloring. I can at home and can’t at work.)

I made up the pattern myself, and am extremely pleased with the results, which used almost every bit of the yarn (I had just a few inches left in scraps afterwards), and combined to make a very warm and functional set of accessories. The headband scrunches over the ears and neck for warmth and stretches over the forehead for coverage; and my usual ponytail isn’t mooshed underneath. The scarf is warm and thick, and stands up around my neck to keep out drafts, but lays flat under my coat, and the keyhole—which is worked to look like a separation of the cable stitches—keeps it securely in place without needing to wrap it or tie it on (which would have been unspeakably bulky with the thick yarn and ribbing).

Cabled buttonhole scarf

Despite my sensitive skin, I have absolutely no problem wearing this baby alpaca against my neck and ears. It is extraordinarily soft, warm, and squishable.

Baby Blanket

Finished baby blanket

Next, I finished the baby blanket for my foster brother’s son, who was born on November 28. It turned out well, though the finishing process for this pattern is extremely involved and tedious. 16 squares, 4 colored contrast strips, and a lace edging with mitered corners—just imagine all the ends I had to weave in afterwards! Still, in a twist of fate, my mom and I had the good fortune to choose the exact color of the baby’s room, and the blankie is already in use, so it was all worthwhile. 🙂

Details of Ben's baby's blanket

Check back tomorrow for the exciting conclusion of today’s post—shot off quickly before going up to the airport to get Jeremy!! Whee!







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  1. Malia Arguello Avatar
    Malia Arguello

    I love the pattern for your keyhole scarf! If you would be willing to share I would be willing to pay.

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