Week 13 Pictures

We are really starting to hit crunch time. I’m going to keep this brief, as it is already past midnight and this is first chance that I’ve had to be on the computer. Really I should be spending the time writing my paper, but I wanted to post some pictures here…

Most of these are continuations of earlier works or are self-explanatory.

Figure Drawing

Figure Drawing


We are working on a second figure painting… this time using an a la prima technique. I’ll explain it more next week. (It’s all based on inverted compliments).

Figure Painting

Here’s a preview of another painting that I’ve just started. This is the first painting that I’ve done that feels like it will be a painting and not just a drawing done with color.

Self-Portrait Teaser

Back to work…

– Jeremy







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  1. Rita and Nelson Avatar
    Rita and Nelson

    Merry Christmas, Julie and Jeremy1 It will be a reunion in December you’ll always remember! Jeremy, Julie has undying love and admiration for you. She is encouraging and supportive like no other. I am amazed how she handles all that she does in your absence. I know that you are incredibly busy and there is much to be done before you get home, but be thinking of something very sweet and tender that you can do for Julie when you get home, to show her how much you appreciate her support and the aloneness she has felt. I’m sure too that you already have been thinking about this. Both Nelson and I are amazed at the developing talent you are sharing on line. It must feel wonderful to be accomplishing so much in so little time. I brag about you all the time to my family and friends. We’re so very proud to be related to a new and upcoming famous artist and teacher. What the future holds for you and you’re equally talented wife! WOW! We’ll talk to you over your vacation. Love ya much. Rita and Nelson

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