Week 12 Pictures

Well, the weekend update has come early.

First, some figure drawings. These were both longer poses—60 and 80 minutes, respectively.

Figure Drawing

Figure Drawing

We are starting to put muscle groups onto the pre-ecorche figures. Here I’ve added most of the upper and lower leg muscles. Can’t wait to see what the real ecorche figures are going to look like.

Figure Structure

In Martha’s Painting I class, we’ve had the continuing homework assignment to complete a still-life painting. Each quarter of the painting will be done using a different approach. The upper left quadrant was to be done in a monochrome style (Indian Red and White was recommended). The upper right quadrant was to be done opaquely using a Dead Color palette (Indian Red, Ivory Black, Yellow Ochre and White). The lower left quadrant was to be done using a wipe-out. The lower right was to be done using a wipe-out with Dead Colors. The specific assignment was a little more involved than this (we were also to employ specific lighting conditions), but I think you get the gist.

The painting isn’t finished… but it is getting fairly close.

Painting I : Still Life

Here is a detail of the lower right quadrant. I’ve done a couple of wipe-outs (to unify the shadows and model the form). I painted some opaque local color of the shapes and then glazed over the whole thing with Alizarine Crimson, Transparent Gold Ochre and Ultramarine Blue. Then I added highlight based on the inverted-compliment of the local color. Once that was dry, I glazed local color back over the shapes and wiped back to the complimentary highlights. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

Painting Detail

Well, with the school closed for the next four days, I’ll be limited in the amount of school work that I can do. I’ve got my sketchpad with me, though, and this will be a good opportunity to write the paper that is due for our Art and Culture class. We’ll see how it goes…

A very happy Thanksgiving to all!

– Jeremy







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    Dear Jeremy,
    Dad and I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. Did anyone invite you for Thanksgiving?
    We missed you! I’m enjoying reading your blog and seeing your work! Any thoughts on
    what you would like for Christmas? How is Julie?
    We still don’t have a closing date for our house, now they are saying mid December.
    It would be nice to be settled again. We love you!!! Mom

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