Weekend Update : Week 9

Here’s some pictures from the past week.

The first three are figure drawings. All three were 60-minute poses, if I remember correctly (the reclining one may have been 80 minutes). I still need to get on to the faces of the figures… you’d think that with an hour to work, one could do as much as one wants; but alas, it is never enough time.
Figure Drawing

Figure Drawing

Figure Drawing

I posted a picture of the underpainting for this, as well as the preparatory drawing. Here it is a few weeks later. It looked really weird after putting the green velatura over the underpainting… I should have taken a picture. Anyhow, this picture is taken after putting on a yellow velatura and then painting passages of inverted compliments over that. I still need to work quite a bit on the background (among other things). The picture was still wet and therefore shiny so I had trouble getting a decent picture. Sorry. I’ll try to get a better one once it is finished.

Figure Painting (in progress)

Our block people evolved into ovoid people, and now they are moving off of the page…
We are going to be making two of these (one male and one female; even at the block-person level there are differences).

3D Ovoid People

– Jeremy

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