Over the past weekend I buckled down and finished the print I posted about several weeks ago, which I have decided to call “Pause.” It turned out alright, though I did not get as strong an effect with the second layer of stipples as I had hoped. The second color is an opaque light purple, printed as a ghost so that it would allow a bit more of the umber to come through.

I will post this to the Sparks Gallery when I have a chance; in the meantime, here are the vital bits:

Finished Pause print

Title: Pause
Medium: 2-color woodcut, cherry block
Size: 5×8 image size, 7.5×10 paper size (chuban)
Materials: Daniel Smith oil-based relief inks on white Magnani Pescia paper
Techniques: light-over-dark, ghost printing

The image doesn’t do the piece justice as far as the stipple details and woodgrain. I am mostly pleased with the look of the hair and shirt; not so much with the face, though it could have been worse. At any rate, it is nice to have that piece finished, and mailed off for exchange, so I can move on to the next projects.








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  1. Shaun Sparks Avatar
    Shaun Sparks

    Hey Julie, That turned out great! Any chance I could get a print? -Shaun

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