Week 7 / Early Week 8 Pictures

Here is a mix of some Week 7 figure drawings, as well as some assignments that are due this week and a couple of drawings from today.

First up, the figure drawings. Same model as last week. I’m not sure why, but I have a tough time drawing her. She seems to have a very long torso and though I am doing quite a bit of measuring and triangulating, my drawings look ‘off’ when I try to capture her idiosyncratically. Very odd. She’s leaning against a wall in the first drawing. Suppose that I should have done something to suggest the wall so that one isn’t inclined to say ‘timber’ when looking at it. Weak attempt at a face on the second drawing, I know… I promise to do better next week. 😉

Figure Drawing

Figure Drawing

Next is the work we did in Figure Structure today. We learned more about the clavicle and the scapula today and how they connnect via the ocromion process. We were promised a talk about hands today as well, but alas, it will have to wait for next week. These first two drawings were done from the model… I think I’m getting pretty good at seeing the underlying structure. It will really be helpful; by the end of the semester we will have modeled the figure in plastiline, including the major muscle groups.

Ovoid People

Ovoid People

This was the homework for the Figure Structure class. We were told to create a multi-figure (at least 10 figures) composition involving two groups. My Ovoid people were up for a little recreation…

Ovoid People Playing Volleyball

Last is an assignment that is due tomorrow. We learned about Florentine and Venetian Form Sense in our Composition and Design class. Then we were told to construct one of each. It is terribly fascinating stuff; unfortunatly, I find myself lacking the will to regurgitate it all right now… if you are really interested let me know and I’ll post a detailed write-up. 🙂

Both of these images are constructed completely from imagination. For this first image I was thinking of the Iliad, specifically the scene where Ajax wounds Ares on the battlefield.

Venetian Form Sense

For this image I was think of the end of the Trojan War taken from the Aeneid, where Neoptolemus (know in Latin as Pyrrhus) slaughters Priam before Hecuba.

Florentine Form Sense

Just a quick hint: the former is the Venetian and the latter is Florentine, and the biggest difference involves the center of the compositions…

Preview of things to come…

Welcome to the armature

That’s all for now…

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